Libra march 2 birthday astrology

Born October 2

Mercury enters Sagittarius

They are very cheerful and have a sense of humor. They have good knowledge and highly developed intelligence. Not when neither moral nor legal laws cross.


Always act at the call of their heart or conscience. Very patient and tolerant of others.

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They are well aware that in order to be successful, it is necessary to work hard and hard. They never give up their duties, and if there is such a need, they can come to the rescue, especially if it concerns relatives. They treat with great trepidation those whom they love, friends or close acquaintances. Not rarely are they willing to step over themselves if necessary for their loved ones.

Very tolerant and peaceful.

November 22: Sagittarius

True, despite the fact that they possess positive character traits and are easy to communicate, often enough in their lives there are disagreements with loved ones. This is not uncommon because they are used to idealizing those they love. Faced with reality, it is not uncommon to experience disappointment, which leaves an imprint on their future life. Possessing extensive knowledge in various industries, they are often able to correctly express their thoughts. Their tongue-tied tongue often leads to the fact that those who surround them simply do not understand what they really want.

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Despite this, they are very sociable. They travel with pleasure, always with a cognitive purpose, enriching their inner world. Most major life decisions are made this way. They are gentle souls who may lack self-confidence.

Libra, March 2016

This is unfortunate because they have many talents. Their love nature is complicated. They sometimes have difficulty remaining focused on their partner, but this is not from lack of love -- they have a hard time resisting flattery from others. March 2 natives have happy memories of childhood, preferring to set aside negative issues.

When they become parents, they put their heart and soul into it. They are loving and nurturing, with an understanding of the imaginative world of children. March 2 people are sometimes afflicted with nervous ailments that can be traced to lack of sleep or emotional exhaustion.

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The card associated with your birthday is the Seven of Diamonds. January 6 Zodiac. People born on March 2 can be summed up in 4 words: considerate, gentle, wise, and peaceable. For further details on handling user data, see our Privacy Policy. During Mercury's transit through let's be real, sometimes flakey Pisces, you'll learn whether or not they can match you in terms of organization and effort. You have to communicate them to the right audience. This symbol caters to all those born between February 19 and March

They often prefer a natural diet that excludes meat, sugar, and dairy products. Light or moderate exercise is usually enough to keep them feeling fit.

People born on this date have many talents. They are analytical and aesthetic and may seek to satisfy both within the boundaries of a career.