Capricorn january 2020 monthly horoscope

Capricorn 2020 Horoscope

House City. LEO: Youngsters.

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Younger Individuals. Enemies or opponents. Overseas Connections. Social Status. What we now have here is a statement about super energy that might be distributed in a different way. You will notice it just about in all places. At work. At residence. Together with your authorities.

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With world authorities. Mars is a logo for attack and defence in astrology. Most cancers is a logo for patriotism. Yet — the astrology is there. History tells us, January 6th to 13th is a crossroads for a world that desires peace, not warfare. We now have an extended lead-time. The crisis begins on November 11th, , when Pluto moves to 21 Capricorn and will increase from December 29th, 4 days after Christmas, when Saturn moves to 21 Capricorn.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Ceres moves to 21 Capricorn ninth, 10th, 11th and Mercury shall be at 21 Capricorn on the 11th with the Solar at 21 Capricorn on the 12th. The final time we noticed such rare astrological concentrate on cycles at Capricorn 20, 21, 22 was and was equally intense.

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In reality, it was nuclear-strength. Again then we saw Uranus and Neptune at 20, 21, 22 Capricorn with new considerations concerning the stability of power in nuclear nations.

Between January sixth and 13th we will need to take a look at North Korea, her program of missile checks and her report on nuclear website inspection. We also needs to embrace Iraq on this and China. This assures a productive year ahead with plenty of energy and a variety of options. Mercury will retrograde, of course, as he does every 12 weeks or so, so note, Mercury will retrograde during almost all of March, July, and much of November. I have a section on Mercury retrograde in my Year Ahead book.

Of the three, Mars has a very big role to play in helping you launch successful ventures, for he acts as a booster rocket to get big projects into space with a strong orbit. Once the main rocket is in orbit, the booster is no longer needed, so Mars salutes the captain of the rocket ship, spins off, and heads to his next assignment.

Capricorn's horoscope for January 2020

As you see, Mars adds energy to any strenuous effort. Mars will start the year in Aries and push quickly all the way to Scorpio in , bringing lots of projects and discussions up for planning and launch at a fast clip. Saturn will remain in Capricorn, a placement this teacher-taskmaster planet took up on December 23, , but will move very close to Pluto now in a very rare configuration. This only happens every 35 to 38 years, so this is a big feature of and of the coming year, , too.

Saturn and Pluto last met in and A conjunction is the strongest of all astrological aspects, for it denotes the start of a new cycle. Pluto contains energy and is associated with governments and large, multi-national corporations. He is associated with the masses of people. Saturn sets firm foundations and structures as well.

These two planets will be a formidable force. Saturn and Pluto can be akin to two stern parents that hold a united front when parenting their children. When these two planets are friendly and acting as your advocate, as they will be in March, the end of August, mid-September, and the end of December, life is happy and sweet.

However, when Saturn and Pluto want to teach us all a lesson, like on April 19 or October 27, it can be maddeningly frustrating with little recourse but to take on a fight with City Hall.

Some astrologers worry that when Saturn and Pluto are together, danger of the rise of totalitarian dictatorship is strong in nations around the world. Admittedly, that could be a concern. Often, planets will test our commitment to certain values, so this year, we may have to fight hard for our belief in democracy. Neptune, seeing this situation developing with Saturn and Pluto, will rush in and build agreement with these two, softening the effect.

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Are your belief systems sound? It is interesting to consider the transits and themes that ran through our lives before our Saturn transits. Pluto has been in the House for 1 year and will remain there until This trend is somewhat reduced in the coming year. Overall, this is a more stable, predictable, and practical time for you. Major fields of interest this year will be finances, intellectual interests and communication, love, travel abroad, higher education, philosophy. These natives need to persist and constantly keep their schedule busy.

Saturn and Pluto will work beautifully with Neptune all year, for Saturn and Pluto will almost be joined together at the hip like Siamese twins. When Neptune beams one planet so close to another, it is as though he is beaming them both, so what happens to one planet will happen to the other.

Neptune is known to cleanse, bring creative thinking, and add a spiritual quality to all it touches. Thank goodness for Neptune, for without his care, Saturn and Pluto together can put up quite a united front of force, but Neptune will soften this aspect.

Capricorn Horoscope 2020 Predictions

Last year, Saturn, the planet that stabilizes all it touches, worked closely with unpredictable Uranus, adding encouragement and backing for new scientific discoveries and technical, digital innovation. This year, Saturn will work with Neptune to help the arts flourish and add stability to them. Your artistic eye is in good shape, as usual, though you may be having more trouble grounding your plans and getting something concrete for your efforts.

Capricorn 2020 horoscope

Maybe in best Libran tradition, you should enter into collaboration with someone close, with you as creative director and let them take the lead when it comes to business. Like no other sign, you have the power to become more with another person than you ever could be on your own. Working compromises are tested in the last week of the January as Mars goes through your sign, but this should just give you extra impetus.

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Whether you are after making a quick splash with your work, or have a more extended game plan in mind, this is a time full of potential. You have both the drive and the staying power to do something truly outstanding with your work and sooner or later your single-minded skill is going to get you noticed.

These things are rarely planned, so cover all your bases and make sure you are ready for adventure at the least possible notice.

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You rarely think ahead too carefully, preferring to take life as it comes and the suggestion that you should plan your life better is always good for a giggle. But, you seem to be setting some store by your savings and the possibility of future protection has suddenly taken your attention.

Could this be because you have found something, or someone, worth investing in and you realise that some serious security is a pulling point in any potential partner wish-list? You have as much business flair as anyone, and your intuitive nose gives you an edge where others least expect.

While things may be tough and you feel the ground shifting under your feet, you are simplifying your world without realising it. You have a guiding star, which you are right to follow, regardless of what others without your virtuoso vision may tell you.