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Nourishing the Soul - Ceres in the Natal Chart We often feed ourselves in ways that satisfy in the moment, but do not nourish us in the long run. From food, to relationships, to possessions Join Laura as she explores Ceres through the archetypes. Find out more about Laura: www. The curtain is coming down on the first act of life and about to go up for the second.

During this interval stage, we are hit by a perfect storm of the 3 transpersonal planets all coming into hard aspect with themselves. Stripped spiritually naked, you are now faced with having to release the person you thought you were. Your personal myth is now slipping way.

This can be a time of transcendent awakening for some or a frantic clutching at straws of others. Life is now getting pulled apart, the set is being dismantled ready to reset the stage to bring your life home in the second act. Find out more about Marc: www.

Biography of Rockwell Kent (excerpt)

Not all placements in a birth chart are activated at all times. The natal potential of a planet is awakened when it is a time lord. The webinar will include analyzing annual profections with solar return charts and transits to clarify the potential of your time lord that year. Find out more about Zeynep: www. How can you stand out from the competition and attract the people who are in tune with what you have to offer?

New Moon in Aquarius! Venus in Capricorn! Feb 3-9 2019 Astrology Horoscope

Find out more about April: www. Join astrologer Michele Finey as we explore the magic and mystery of the Metonic cycle. What do these charts reveal about various stages of life? What else can we learn from these charts and what single astrological factor do these three individuals share that pre-destined them, their deeds and creations to gain worldwide recognition that endures over time?

April Elliott Kent: Natal Lunar Phase and Relationships

Animals: goats, pigs and animals with split hooves. Signs: Capricorn. The members of your entourage gladly entrust you with high responsibilities because they are often impressed by your learning skills and your adaptation abilities as you deal with new structures and new languages. Trees: fig-trees, willows, aquatic trees. The correct calculation options will be identified in popular astrological software such as Sirius, Solar Fire, and Kepler 7, Kepler 8. Email required.

Find out more about Michele: www. Secondary and Tertiary progressions and Solar arc directions are three of the most important predictive techniques astrologers use. Yet, few astrologers know how to calculate Secondary progressions correctly and since Solar Arc Directions are derived from the Secondary progressed Sun, these are also in error. Edward Johndro identified this error 90 years ago, yet more recent textbooks on Astrology are still teaching the traditional standard incorrect method for computing Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc directions.

During his presentation, He will show you how to calculate Secondary and Tertiary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions correctly and point out why the traditional method is incorrect and describe the magnitude of the error. The correct calculation options will be identified in popular astrological software such as Sirius, Solar Fire, and Kepler 7, Kepler 8.

A method will also be given to correct the error when your software only uses the traditional. Do you have a natal planet conjunct an angle? Such placements result in "super-sized" maverick energy impelling the native to march to the sound of their own drums and set their own rules of engagement. Michael Bartlett will present surprising examples of both negative and positive expressions that illustrate the dramatic effect of such placements and how they influence society and change the world.

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Find out more about Michael: coremichael. Hamartia is like a specific characteristic of human nature. This work is on how to find Hamartia in the natal charts and how to use its benefits for ourselves and for the clients. Find out more about Gaye: Gaye's Facebook Page. As our collective relationship and gender constructs change, we benefit from working with an expanded set of archetypes in our exploration of synastry and composite charts.

1st-Year Program

By including the goddess asteroids, we can see relationship complexities beyond Venus and Mars. Exploring asteroids in composite charts can reveal nuances about a relationship. This talk provides a foundation for understanding the benefit of including asteroids in relationship charts as well as ways to delineate asteroids in composite charts.

Find out more about Rachel: rachellangastrologer. Find out more about Lynn: www.

Moving slow & getting carried away

his week's New Moon in Aquarius (Feb. 4, pm) also ushers in the Chinese year of the Earth Pig, a sign that is associated with wealth (the. The First Quarter Moon in Taurus (Feb. 12, pm) has the propulsive quality of a bull launched out of a chute and into a bullfighting ring.

The presentation will focus on the practical application of Electional Astrology, which will be demonstrated through sample charts. The importance of analyzing the planetary aspects and declinations of an electional chart in relation to the natal chart will be emphasized. Basic rules will be provided and used to evaluate acceptability of an electional chart given the desired outcome. Planetary rulerships for various elections along with the zodiacal man will be discussed.

Mystic, philosopher, poet, sage, Muhammad b. He was born in AD into the Moorish culture of Andalusian Spain, the center of an extraordinary flourishing and cross-fertilization of Jewish, Christian and Islamic thought. He created a unique and comprehensive view of cosmology and astrology in the 12th century. This way we can understand how he relates angels to planets and prophets to zodiac signs. He sees astrology as a gateway to become Insan-al Kamil the perfect human According to him If we understand the sky and transform its effect like an alchemist, then we are out of its influence.

He also makes a connection between 28 Mansions of the Moon and 28 letters or sounds of the sacred language. The audience would have an understanding of his cosmology and astrology approach and a step into his mystical world. Other astrological writers in the same period, such as Stephen Arroyo , A. Mann and Martin Schulman, also explored similar concepts without employing the specific term Evolutionary Astrology.

According to Forrest, Evolutionary Astrology is "the fusion of humanistic psychology on one hand with ancient metaphysics on the other hand. We assume, as we look at a chart in the evolutionary context, that the person has this birth chart for a reason Forrest calls Evolutionary Astrology "utterly practical, utterly testable," [17] and "the most verifiable form of astrology that I have ever encountered. Actually it is a very hard-hitting form of psychological astrology : intense, but compassionate.

Actor Robert Downey Jr.

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Forrest takes a radical position on the nature of fate and free will within the field of astrology. Forrest states that "I unabashedly preach the primacy of free will in shaping our experience. In some more 'deterministic' astrological circles, this is blasphemy. I am personally confident that we humans are capable of changing ourselves, capable of evolution. None of us is limited to a 'nature' that is cast in stone by the positions of the planets.

taxheatldonra.tk As we change ourselves, we make different choices and thus create different futures. Commenting on his strong emphasis on choice and free will, O, The Oprah Magazine declared that "Forrest's approach. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Steven Forrest. Yesterday's Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation. Retrieved February 4, Retrieved January 30, Archived from the original on The Matrix Interviews: Astrologers in Person.

North Carolina Digital Heritage Center. October 14, , p. October

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