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I have sobbed crying like never before over any man…when he pulls back with the emotions. Its all about exercising patience.. Its been over a year…we have built up a very very strong connection. This time the hot and cold phase is because i didnt do something he asked, straight away…i started to reclaim power, he didnt like it, he left, he opened too much and then he backed off…plain and simple…i could write a book…maybe i will!!! Read Linda goodmans suns signs….

This is crazy. I just need an honest answer.

Scorpio and Aquarius Nature and Nuances:

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I met this scorpio guy about a month ago and i just liked him. We went out for drinks with another friend and had a very nice conversation abt politics later. Otherwise we had a great time, we reached a place where there was music being played and people dancing in the open and he asked me for a dance.

Before that he had offered to pick me up and went out of his way to explain that he was doing this coz the cabs would be hard to get Anyway, after that night it was practically silent. The texts both from me and him were really impersonal and so after a while i sort of gave up. He got called back to work after our dinner and we chatted on the phone for the whole nyt and we had a casual phone call when i woke up that morning I called him.

All i need to know is whether he likes me. Should i invite him for like a movie and see wat he says. Cancer women fall hard lol and he has not really said anything either. Anyway, i just wanna know if i shud wait for him or not waste my tym and move on. Should I make a move? Tell him how I feel? This is eating me up.

Hey guys! He was a gentleman and was making the best efford to make me have a good time. I was feeling sorry for myself all day, determined that he is not interested, and I ended up on this site trying to figure out about this man. Well I feel a lot better now and Iam even certain he will eventually contact me..

Libra ♎ And Scorpio ♏ Compatibility, Love, Friendship

All comments and descriptions here definitely made me chance my point of view! Well I hope he does call!! Iam a Pisces bytheway! One advise that I want to give out is that do not do any thing to make the cold much colder, it will not help you…but only giving him his space and assure him that you are his sincerely not until it seems it fake, he hate superficial emotions.

Only if you could do this that you will be rewarded with full-force of love when he comes out his shell.

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Be natural and simple, take the lead once in a while, call him and ask him how he is doing. It is true that he want to be in control of the situation around him, but with same token he does not like a woman who does not take the initiative, who sits around waiting for him to make the calls. You all have very good perceptions of him. However, your Scorpio guy is very much like a glacier. What you see on the surface is only a fraction of what really exists beneath his surface.

I am what you might call a classic Scorpio. Age 34 Nov Are we profound? If we know who we are not, our egos are healthy and total. My outward energies may be perceived by all of you as hot and cold, but really if you ladies understood the psychological pressure of handling deep volcanic emotion, you too would be unpredictable. Generally speaking, our outside practical reality does not stimulate us to greatness. But now evolved, I choose to find the goodness and virtue in others, even my enemies. Thanks to evolutionary changes within yes, intense sex is a transcendent vehicle for our souls and psyche Strong arms are nothing without a strong heart.

Thanks, and be well. Be prepared though to do the cooking, cleaning etc. He has always treated me like his queen though and makes me feel very loved, sex has always been amazing and I know my happiness is really important to him. Show him old fashioned respect. Hope my advice helps, Good luck!

The description of scorpios can also be paralleled to d description of sociopaths cum egocentered freaks lol CIAO! My best mate is a Scorpio. I tell you its weird reading this page, wow, im confused because its all true…. Planets influence personality?? I think there might be a God now people…. Scorpio men mix passion with great intellect and reason….. I split from mine as I was young and felt suffocated….

¿Qué hacer si tu signo no es compatible con tu pareja?

I am going on a date with a Scorpio…. I will be his first date since he and his x had broken up about 6 month ago. They were married for about 5 years. I want to make the best impression. I am a Capricorn so…. LOL Thanks! Heather, I read about your advise and I was in a suitation with a Scoripo man which I need your advise. Please drop me a note at my email at.

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I think base on your experience, you should be able to help me. For sex, I think he is having the best of his time with me. He kept telling me how great some of his ex was but when we finally do it, I think I blow him away and he still have a lot to catch up from my standard and I am still teaching him. For sure I do not tell her that to hurt her but give her tips here and there. The amazing part is I will go shopping with all my other girlfriends and we will share on make up tips, but this scorpio girlfriend will be so proud to share or ask, yet lazy to read, and what she do is to check what I have in my cosmetic bag, and then buy the same stuff… what is all these copy cat and pride all about?

I met a scorpio guy online because I was moving to a new country and I wanted to meet new people. We started chating and it was amazing — its like I had found my soulmate and we both were truly excited about each other. The chating turned into text messages and then calls so we decided to meet up.

TAURO - ESCORPIO (Compatibilidad)

I went to visit him and we felt so close — it was beautiful, innocent, intense and passionate. We would finish each others sentences and tell each other that we were so lucky we had met. People even thought we were brother and sister the way we were so alike and in sync. The day I left to go home he had an accident and broke his leg on exactly the same place as I had two years before, on the same month.

It was truly bizarre and I was so scared for him. He even asked if I thought that meant true love or destiny. We stayed in touch every day and he thanked me for my help and dedication.

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Of course I went to visit him as soon as he left the hospital and we spent another amazing weekend. He asked me where we stood and we decided to start a relationship. That week, however, I became jealous of a female colleague of his because it seemed to me she was trying to win him over and as he doesnt speak about us to anyone except his family.

I am very open so I mentioned it to him. Two days later I tried to call and he did not answer so of course I worried given his condition. He just replied that I shouldnt worry — he just had his mobile on silent. And he asked me not to worry so much and that he had never had anyone that felt so strongly about him.

The next day I told him I would call in the evening and we agreed on the time.

This colleague was going to visit that night but I was ok with it. Then I rang and his phone was off. The next day I was obviously angry so we discussed things for an hour. That night I got drunk, however, and I tried to make him jealous online. After that we would still reply to my messages but not the phone and after that silence so I sent him an email to which he replied a day later and apologized for the delay. He hurt me so much telling me that he felt I was being clingy and partially obsessive and that he could be paranoid sometimes as well but that it was all in the head.

He also told me that he freaked out of fear of losing his independence and that it seemed I was trying to win him over with presents last time I visited and that it seemed I liked him more than he did me and even though he really did like me he needed space and that if he did not seriously think about me every single day did not mean he did not like me.

He finished saying that he had always been very cautious about personal relationships and that he did not want to hurt me but I had to know how he felt and that he could do that because even though we were still strangers we felt really comfortable with each other. I replied to his email on a positive note 3 days later and sent him a text 3 days after that but no word of him. What should I do?

Can I even do anything? I want to at least clear the air. He hasnt blocked me online — he just doesnt go online very much anymore as though he is trying to avoid me… I feel so hurt and ignored but I have to respect his decision….