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Show up and demonstrate your commitment to a relationship or a passion project dear to your heart, but keep in mind that trust takes time to cultivate. Don't be afraid to talk about the big picture as you determine what each person can contribute to the cause. Remain as open to receiving love as you are to giving it. Taking things too personally is completely understandable during this proud Leo Lunar Eclipse, and the urge to dance in the spotlight is a natural expression of your spirit. But if you can change your internal filter from selfie mode to a panoramic perspective, you might realize how much your current happiness depends on the happiness of others.

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Letting go of your need to be right frees you to focus on cultivating healthier relationships. Allowing a partner or friend to step into the starring role gives you a deep sense of gratification, and your support means the world to those who think the world of you. Manifesting your dreams is as simple as putting your imagination to work. There is no time to waste wandering around in your fantasies when your pragmatic ingenuity is in high demand in the mundane world. Finding unorthodox solutions to the same old problems is likely during this Leo Lunar Eclipse, so keep your intuition channels open for incoming epiphanies.

Recognize your need to control every detail and then consciously choose to let go. Shake up anything that feels stale in your daily routine with an unconventional twist. Free your mind and anything is possible. Getting lost in the crowd isn't in your best interest during this Leo Lunar Eclipse, especially if your creative muscles need stretching.

Relinquish your habit of pleasing others at the cost of your individuality. Be radical and rebellious in your self-expression, and let your freak flag fly.

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Experimenting with unconventional sources for your inspiration boosts your confidence and feeds your ingenuity. Reconsider if your insatiable desire for harmony keeps you from rocking the boat. Following the whims of your heart doesn't preclude you from being an integral part of the community.

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Your authenticity shines like a beacon in the dark. Change is in the air and you have two choices during this Leo Lunar Eclipse: waste your energy by resisting the inevitable or spend your time figuring out how to make this directional shift play to your advantage. Perhaps you have outgrown your current job or find yourself yearning for a profession that honors your idealistic convictions. Your passionate nature does not suffer mediocrity or boredom for very long. Mapping out a plan for your future includes equal parts of quiet self-reflection and loud brainstorming.

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Utilize your impressive talents to make a positive impact in your community. Transformation is your game. Your desire to acquire knowledge intensifies during this Leo Lunar Eclipse, as does your craving for epic adventures.

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But there is serious mental exploration to do before you can launch yourself off the nearest cliff. Both planets are in your organized and analytical sixth house, helping you plot the perfect course to victory and identify the key players who will get you there. Think of the kind of systems and support staff you need, along with the strategic and well-connected folks who can open doors.

khafhuhfgu.co.vu/sexo-en-las-vegas.php And who better to rule than the regal Lion of the zodiac? Home becomes a heat zone starting November 19, when Mars zooms into Scorpio and your domestic quarters until January 3. Get ready for major traffic at Chateau Leo or perhaps some stressful moments with relatives. Instead of snapping their heads off like gingerbread men, rally everyone for some fun. Competitive Mars can help you organize outings e. The key? Prioritize self-care no matter what. You could easily burn out by playing caretaker-on-steroids now.

Be especially firm with your boundaries on November 24, when Mars opposes destabilizing Uranus. Can you say Breakdown Central? Your fierce Leo roar is back! Book those date nights and make the rounds of holiday parties with your favorite plus-one. For couples, this lunation could spark a new chapter of closeness.

What is a Blue Moon?

Times and Dates for the Moon Phases Calendar are set for New York. Jan 10, , Lunar Eclipse January , 20 ♋ Jan 17, Oct 31, 49, Blue Full Moon October , 08 ♉ Nov 08, Date, Time, Phase, Degree. Jan 01, , Full Moon January , 11 ♋ Jan 16, Mar 31, , Full Blue Moon March , 10 ♎ 44 July 27, , Lunar Eclipse July , 04 ♒ 44 Capricorn Horoscope.

Thinking babies? Avoid the tryptophan turkey coma by loading up on root vegetables. Stock your holiday gift list with things that help you live a more streamlined and salubrious life, and make self-care an easy feat. In less than a week on December 2 , lucky Jupiter will also move into Capricorn, parking itself here for a full year. Not you, Leo! Your holiday season gets off to a playful and passionate start.

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With amorous Venus sashaying through Sagittarius and your flirtatious, flamboyant fifth house from November 1 to 25, love is in the air as much as the scent of pumpkin spice. Just be up-front about your intentions or lack thereof. But prepare to have your heart captured all the same! Meanwhile, over in your social sector, Mars is charging through Libra until November For once, they might be right!

Organize some casual gatherings with mutual friends, like concerts or comedy shows. On November 19, fiery Mars relocates to lusty Scorpio until January 3, , turning up the heat in your domestic quarters. Been there, done that? Try to find the humor in every situation and double down on self-care while your emotions are fragile. While these two align one day every year, they only connect in your romance sector once every 12 years. This could be a huge, heart-opening moment, a time to take a chance on a relationship or try something totally new. Go big with your declarations of devotion, whether you present your sweetie with a memorable gift plane tickets for two, maybe, since Jupiter rules travel?

Stretch as far out of your comfort zone as you can, Leo. As this does not occur monthly like a full moon, the expression 'once in a blue moon' is used to refer to an event that occurs infrequently.

When Is the Next Lunar Eclipse?

What are the dates of a Calendrical Blue Moon? It also happened to be a partial eclipse. This divided the solar year into four seasons based on the Solstices and Equinoxes. A 'blue moon' is not actually blue.

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